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Bita handen som föder dig

What I would like to see is the author not afraid to bite the hand that feeds, to confront the real issue here…the problem isn’t with there being advertising on the web driven by page impressions. The issue is how awful they look, how invasive they can be (auto-play audio/video, yuck!), their attempts at deceiving your website’s audience, and tracking your every mouse click or tap around the web in order to serve their own needs while sacrificing the privacy of the customers they are seeking to gain. This results in visitors to The Verge disliking the website instead of the advertisers they have no control over. Perhaps that’s the issue here, at what point did it become okay to not have any real control over what visitors to your site are presented with?

Samantha Bielefield

Publicerad: 2015-09-28 11:00:00


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