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Gratitipset: Reboard

Reboard är ett program för att skapa genvägar till dina program så att du kan nå dem bara med tangentbordet i iOS.

Gratis idag 27/9.

If you are in WhatsApp, how do you schedule a calendar appointment? By switching to Calendar app. Right?
What if you could schedule an appointment from within WhatsApp itself? Wouldn't it save you lot of time?
Meet ReBoard - The Revolutionary Keyboard. Its a system wide keyboard which lets you do lots of such tasks from within the keyboard window.
You can schedule a calendar appointment using natural language input without leaving WhatsApp or any other app you are using.
a. Press the command key.
b. Type what you want to search for.
c. Tap an action (eg: search icon).


Publicerad: 2015-09-27 14:00:00


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